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[Release information] Newday Live at UrBANGUILD

[ Release information ]
Marron – IEGUTI – Ambient duo
Newday Live at UrBANGUILD

日本の音響派ギタリスト”Marron”と、”PARA”や”EP-4 [fn.ψ]”など様々なバンドやユニットで鍵盤・シンセサイザー奏者として活躍する”IEGUTI”のアンビエントに特化したduo “Marron – IEGUTI – Ambient duo”によるアルバム”NEW DAY”。
ゲストに”YoshimiO” を迎えUrBANGUILD Kyotoで行われたリリースライブから、2人によるアルバム未収録の4曲がライブ音源化されました。

“Marron” is a Japanese guitar electronica artist, and “IEGUTI” is a keyboard and synthesizer player active in various bands and units such as “PARA” and “EP-4 [fn.ψ]”. Marron – IEGUTI – Ambient duo”, a duo specializing in ambient music, has released the album “NEW DAY”.
Four songs from the release live at UrBANGUILD Kyoto with guest “YoshimiO” have been recorded live and not included on the album.

Live at UrBANGUILD Kyoto on 8th Dec.2021.

Marron – IEGUTI – Ambient duo :
– Marron / Guitar,Electronics
– Shigeki IEGUTI / Piano,Electronics

mix and mastering by KND
special thanks to UrBANGUILD, YoshimiO, slimchance audio, Mikio Ban

Please check out YoshimiO’s bandcamp “SHOCHY” for 4 live tracks with YoshimiO as a guest.