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“Based On Kyoto”のギタリストmarronを中心に、京都の老舗ジャムバンド”Soft”のベーシストUCON、Jim O’Rourkeとの活動でも知られるドラマー山本達久により、2017年 “voicing for example 4 – simple pleasure – ” のレコーディングをきっかけに結成。
ドラマーにmizman (norman beatz)、PON2 (SOFT)、大竹重寿 (cro-magnon) を迎えるなど編成を変えながら活動。
2020年1月1日、1stアルバム”take it, pack it.”を5bit Recordsからリリース。


marron trio consists of the leader, marron (guitarist from “Based on Kyoto”), UCON (bassist from Space Jam Band from Kyoto “Soft”), and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (drummer) who is also known to have shared a stage with Jim O’Rourke. They formed in 2017 when they recorded “voicing for example 4 – simple pleasure -.“

With a wide range of spectrum of the sound – from minimal music to acoustic jazz to dub music,  they have been bringing their euphoric sound to music lovers of any kind.

Their 1st album “take it, pack it.” released from 5bit Records on January 1, 2020,


marron aka dubmarronics (guitar) , UCON (bass) , 山本達久 (drums)

2020年 ファーストアルバム「take it, pack it.」発表。