5bit Records

FFT[Food For Telecaster]


自身のソロと並行して、dubdub on-seng, Based On Kyoto, プラマイゼロ, だててんりゅう, deadmarronicsなどでも活動するスーパーギタリストmarronと尼崎が産んだスペースブギーバンドAQATUKIのTaakiの2人が名器テレキャスターを奏でるギターDUO。 Taakiのハワイアンをベースに、marronの弾き出す唯一無二の多幸感がミックスされた、極上な大人のチルアウト×トロピカルミュージック。2018年より始動。

In addition to his own solo work, marron, a super guitarist who has played in “dubdub on-seng”, “Based On Kyoto”, “Date-Tenryu” and “deadmarronics”, and Taaki, a member of “AQATUKI”, a space boogie band from Amagasaki, play the Telecaster, a guitar duo.
Taaki’s Hawaiian based guitar and marron’s unique euphoria are mixed together to create a unique sound. Chill out and tropical music for the finest adults, starting in 2018.


Taaki (vo, telecaster, ukulele) / Marron (telecaster, a.guitar)

2020年 ファーストアルバム「honahona」発表。